So ladies there is a  lot of advice out there about how to get a man, how to keep a man and ,any other crazy stuff on what you need to do for or to a man to increase your chances with getting and keeping him.

But does anyone remind you what happens after getting a man, well, you make babies sometimes planned and other times unplanned. 

You know what else comes with making babies, the uncertainty of how to bring them to the world and the chance of a C-Section.

If you have listened to the many vaginal birth advocates they will tell you that the C section is the worst insult to womanhood especially if you choose to have an elective one. Well this is a story for another day; let’s focus on what happens after having a c section.

Birth does not always go as planned, you could find yourself having a c section and it is not by chance that so many women dread it.

First it is a major surgery and secondly it requires a lot of time to heal, you have also heard about the C Section backache which is said never to go away? Well, it does.

Here are a few tips to a smooth C Section that not all doctors will tell you about:

  • Ditch pillows for no less than two weeks.

The moment you are brought from the theatre room please do not ask for a comfortable pillow. Rather lie on a flat hospital bed as uncomfortable as it may be. This helps with the chances of headache, stiff neck and even backache resulting from the spinal epidural.

  • Drink lots and lots of coffee.

I am talking about the very moment you get from that room request for coffee and I do not mean the instant coffee but the cheap coffee that almost nobody likes maybe because it has to be boiled and sieved. Yes that one. This helps with flushing the epidural from your system.

  • You will have your catheter for 24 hours and when they remove it please stand up.

Do not overdo it. You may feel dizzy and also feel like throwing up so do not worry. These will pass in a few minutes unless you just lie there and allow that epidural to sit on your body any longer. Just pace around for a few minutes every day and by the third day you should be able to walk out and bask in some sunshine with your little one.

  • Eat proteins.

You have probably heard that people burst if they eat after a C Section. Well, they don’t. Take it easy on the actual surgery day and just eat whatever light meal you can. Next day alongside with the cocoa for your baby’s milk and the coffee to flush the epidural have some eggs. Yoghurt, papaya and all types of meat are alright unless the doctor has any explainable reasons to forbid them, which is rare. Eat lots and lots of animal proteins but not too much of plant proteins especially from beans because they are quite gassy and may bloat you.

  • Request for suppositories.

You may not be in a hospital that cares much about your anus so care for it by requesting for these to ease your bowel movements, at least for the three days you are in hospital. If they do not offer just let a relative bring them to you and they are quite easy to insert so you will eat without discomfort. Just speak to your doctor about these if they are not offered but chances are every good doctor prescribes them.

Author: C. Munyoki

Catford Digital Media