Web Hosting and Domain Name, what’s the difference?

web hosting and domain registration in kenya

This article is a brief introduction to Domain Registration and Web Hosting.

But don’t be biased, we have covered adequate content for a beginner; adequate to help you choose a reliable hosting plan and start making money online with your website/Blog.

So let’s dive in !

Domain Names

A Domain Name is used to identify one or more Internet Protocol address and resources such as websites and personal computers.When you buy a domain address, you get exclusive rights to ownership, meaning that no one else can register a site using the same name.

But domain name registration is just the start off point, you’ll need reliable hosting services to publish a fully operational website for your business.


Websites are stored or hosted on sophisticated computers referred to as servers. The Server, is comparable to your business premise or the space you host your business.

In other words, a web hosting service provider provides the resources and technologies needed for your website to be viewed online.However, it is up to you to furnish the space by installing themes, plugins etc. 

Types of Website Hosting Services

There are many affordable web hosting solutions on the internet.Here is a list of the common packages:  
  •  Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Hosting Cloud
  • VPS Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, this plan is basically based on a shared Hosting environment. Hosting prices usually start from $3/month up to $10/ month (Usually billed annually).

You can also get affordable hosting in Kenya for as Ksh. 600/year or less, which is perfect for small websites and personal blogging.

This is why Shared hosting is cost effective; many website owners share one server and its resources including memory space, FTP account and bandwidth, so that operating costs are shared among the many website owners.

Along with cost effectiveness, there are other benefits of using shared hosting:  
  • The hosting company takes care of all MySQL and PHP related issues, in fact uptime reliability is almost comparable to dedicated plans for most of the time.
  • Routine maintenance of the server is also done for you meaning that you don’t have to worry about technical issues and you can focus on what you do best; making Sales.
  • The general website management is also rather straightforward as you are provided with easy to understand cPanel application.
  • Most hosting companies give you at least three custom email accounts with your own domain extension.
  • Referring to security issues; unfortunately Shared servers are always prone to hacking attacks.

Also, remember to choose a reputable company with a strong security policy and whose servers are not overloaded by traffic spikes.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting plans provide entire web server resources to a single website. This is a perfect solution for authority websites that attract a lot of traffic or need extra security assurance.

Hosting prices range from $150 to $250/ month. But you can opt for 3 months payment and get a discount.

There are many advantages of this plan including faster performance and excellent support. You also have the liberty of installing any applications or custom scripts according to your site’s needs.

But obviously, the downside of choosing a dedicated plan is the fact that you are responsible for the operating costs making it a more expensive option.

Virtual private server (VPS) Web Hosting

In VPS web hosting every website runs on its own server that is a virtual compartment of a more powerful physical server. VPs is comparable to shared hosting, only that the individual virtual servers are capable of performing independent of all other compartments.

The cheapest VPS plan starts at $ 30/ month, which is obviously more affordable than dedicated hosting but still not the best option for start-ups and small business.

Cloud Web Hosting

This plan means that your site is hosted on a cluster of servers in the cloud.Cloud servers are based on innovative Cloud computing technologies that allow unlimited number of servers to serve as one system.

This is obviously different from all the other three hosting solutions that are based on a single machine.

The main benefit is that you get access to unlimited resources making it impossible to overload the system. But while this technology promises to revolutionize the local and global hosting environment, it is yet to be fully adopted due to various inherent setbacks.


I’m a strong advocate of Shared hosting, and I would recommend this option for word press blogs including; personal websites/blogs, portfolio websites and institutional websites. As I said before, shared hosting provides all the resources needed to run a successful online business.

Of course, shared hosting presents some inherent challenges. But so do all other web hosting solutions, so chill and Get Online.

P.S:Want to get more insight? This guide on Web Hosting will give you more detailed info, including the technical bits!

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