September 29, 2018

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Word of the Day


Definition:Make dull or stupid or muddle with drunkenness or infatuation.
Synonyms: besot

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Idiom of the Day

be rushed off (one’s) feet

To be exceptionally busy, especially to an exhausting or exasperating degree; to be made to work very hard and very quickly.

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Quote of the Day
The history of human conduct does not warrant that exalted opinion of human virtue which would make it wise in a nation to commit interests of so delicate and momentous a kind, as those which concern its intercourse with the rest of the world, to the sole disposal of a magistrate.

Alexander Hamilton

Word Trivia

Today’s topic: problems

life coach – An advisor who helps people with problems, decisions, and goal attainment in daily life. More…

empathy, sympathy – Empathy denotes a deep emotional understanding of another's feelings or problems, while sympathy is more general and can apply to small annoyances or setbacks. More…

gravity – Comes from Latin gravitas, from gravis, "heavy, important"—and it can apply to situations and problems as well as to people. More…

insoluble – Can be applied to problems that cannot be solved as well as substances that will not dissolve in liquids. More…

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