‘He’s been s*** for years’ -Bayern Munich Presdient Savagely Attacks Mesut Ozil after International Retirement


Bayern Munich president and former West Germany international Uli Hoeness has revealed his joy at Mesut Ozil’s retirement from the national team, claiming the Arsenal man has been “s*** for years”.

mesut ozil

Uli Hoeness stated, “I am glad that this scare is now over. He had been playing s*** for years,” he told Bild. “He last won a tackle before the 2014 World Cup. And now he and his s***** performance hide beyond this picture.

“Whenever [Bayern] played against Arsenal, we played over him because we knew that was their weak point.

“His 35 million follower boys – that don’t exist in real world – are convinced he has played sublimely when he completes a cross pass.

“The development in our country is a catastrophe. You have to go back to what it is: sport. And from a sporting point of view, Ozil has no place in the national team for years.”

Mesut Ozil’s agent, Dr Erkut Sogut, has hit back at “foolish” comments from Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness in the wake of the Arsenal star’s decision to retire from international football with Germany.

He said: “The comments of Mr Hoeness miss the point completely, as they have absolutely nothing to do with football. He is trying to divert attention away from the real issue, the issue of racism and discrimination in Germany, which is resurging once again within everyday German society.”

“It is obvious that his comment about Mesut not making any tackles is completely made up and false. But, just so everyone knows, in both the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Euros, Mesut won over 65 per cent of duels per game, moreover he was the most important player in the games against France and Italy in 2016, again making a complete mockery of his ludicrous comments.”

“He claims that Mesut has been a ‘ghost’ for years, but what ‘ghost’ wins all these awards and has this much success? Mesut created more chances in the 2018 World Cup per 90 minutes than any other player, but, of course, he singles him out for criticism. As the president of Bayern Munich is it not best to focus on the performance of his own players seeing as eight of the Germany team play for the club.”

Author: Brian Gachie