On 15 July 2018, two players won individual awards for exceptional performances for their country. Luka Modric the Croatian Captain and Real Madrid midfielder won the Player of the Tournament award while Kylian Mbappe the France and PSG youngster won the young player of the tournament award.

While Modric is in the twilight of his career and Mbappe just beginning his career, the two players were both rejected as youngsters due to their small and frail physique. Ironical isn’t it?


That two of the best players in the 2018 world cup were rejected when they were young because of being small.

Mbappe will become the second most expensive signing in the world after his move to PSG from Monaco has been finalized for close to £166m.  

Kylian mbappe

Chelsea had the chance to sign Kylian Mbappe for £17,000 before he moved to Monaco, but turned him down in order to focus on Dominic Solanke and Tammy Abraham due to better physique features from the latter two. Looking at the fortunes of the three players years later, saying Chelsea missed out is more than an understatement.

If Ryan Giggs had his way, then Manchester United would have signed Kylian Mbappe for peanuts but the club ignored his wishes.

When Modric was 10 years old, he was written off by a number of coaches who thought he was too frail and shy to make it in the game. Hajduk Split passed on him and it was only when Tomislav Basic, a coach for a team that Modric played for in Zadar, stepped in and used his contacts to get Luka a trial at Dinamo Zagreb.

A lesson from the two world cup individual award winners, “NEVER JUDGE SOMEONE BY FACE VALUE”

Author: Brian Gachie

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