Local SEO is a strategy used to market services and products within a specific location. That is straightforward!


Right! But even if it isn’t, no need to worry !

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll be discussing the building blocks of Local SEO and also show you the various techniques to get results from local SEO campaigns.

More specifically, here is what you’ll learn:
  • What local search is
  • Whether local search is the best marketing option for your unique business
  • Three recommendations to implement local search and drive traffic to your Website.

Getting Started with Search and Local SEO.

Local SEO makes perfect sense; Just ponder this, how many times do you search for a product name (or service) in Google followed by city or country? For instance, rather than just typing “Dentist,” it is common to search for “Dentist in Nairobi.”

This means that local keyword structure is a vital component of your local SEO campaign, although there are many factors that you need to take care of for your business to appear on Google’s first page and attract more local clients.

Pro Quote:

Now then,here are 3 other important recommendations to help you win at Local SEO.

Market Research.

The success of Local SEO is founded on your ability to understand your industry, including competition. 
It is common to assume that you know the right keywords for your business, but using keyword toolsto get a comprehensive understanding of the search statistics for each keyword is a smart move.

Keyword Finder is a great tool to get you started but you can also opt for Google’s Keyword planner, which is a free alternative that will also give you monthly search volumes as well as location based data.

P.S: Target keywords with Good Search Volume, Lower Competition, preferably Niche Keywords

Set up Google My Business.

Setting up a Google My Business account is the key to ranking locally as it narrows down your competition to a few businesses within your area. As an example type “Nairobi Pizza restaurants” into Google and you will get results with a map of Pizza restaurants listed.

These restaurants are not competing with others across the country, but only in Nairobi.

Google maps even allows you to set up multiple locations. In fact, Google provides the option to specify service area for businesses that do not have a physical office/store. For instance, you can set up your e-commerce store to have a service area of 20-km radius from Nairobi, Kenya.

How to set up Google Business account: Step by step guide 

  • Visit Google.com/business
  • Select “Start Now”
  • Fill in the details of your business.
  • Google then creates an account and your Google My Business profile.
  • Finally request for postcard verification which takes around two weeks to arrive.


Now that you have set up your Business profile on Google, start requesting for reviews from your customers.

Search engine land estimates that at least 72 % of consumers base their decisions on reviews and recommendations. This means Consistent positive reviews are a great way to improve your local SEO campaign and ultimately get your ranked above your competitors.

Here is a screenshot showing Google Reviews for 360 degrees pizza, the most popular Pizza shop in Nairobi as per SERP results for most keywords.

It is worth noting that you’ll want to get Facebook reviews along with other local listings. But obviously, the focus should be to get as many Google Reviews as possible.

Concluding remarks on Local SEO

I must make it emphatic that there are more sophisticated techniques used by Local SEO specialists

It is also worth mentioning that while consistency on Google Business should be the primary focus in your Local SEO campaign, it is a desirable to update your business info on other listings and local citation websites including Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.

And when it’s all said and done, I still hold the position that Content is King.

Create engaging, informative and optimized content that is easily accessible on all devices.

If you have done comprehensive competitor analysis and keyword research you should know the words and phrases used in your niche.

Once you’ve implemented these fundamental recommendations, you can focus on building quality links and getting mentions from other websites.

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