Find out why Mesut Ozil German Legend Retires from International Football with Bitter Taste in Mouth



Mesut Ozil has retired from international football citing racism as the cause. 

Just to understand how big of a scandal this is, here are some of the achievements Mesut Ozil has accomplished in his time with the National Team

In 92 Appearances Ozil has managed:  

  • 23 Goals
  • 40 Assists (hold record for the most assists in German history)
  • World Cup Winner 2014 (where he was the top assist maker in the competition)
  • 5 time German Player of the Year

Ozil has been arguably the best German midfielder in their history.

Summary of Problem

Ozil troubles all started when he met the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The midfielder claims to have been the subject of “racism and disrespect” following his high-profile and controversial meeting with Turkish president.

The reason why meeting the Turkish president was an issue was because the two countries are not in good terms. German-Turkish relations have deteriorated since the failed coup against Turkish President Erdogan in 2016 and the crackdown that followed.

Ankara accused Berlin of not taking a clear stand against the coup attempt or not doing anything about exiled preacher Fethullah Gulen’s organization, who Erdogan blames for orchestrating the failed coup.

Immediately following the attempted coup, Turkish authorities purged the army and judiciary, detaining thousands of people. The purge expanded to include civil servants, university officials and teachers. German politicians criticize the detentions.

Turkish diplomats, academics and military members fled the country and applied for asylum in Germany.

Other Player Making Similar Remarks to Ozil

In this World Cup Belgium finished 3rd place, their highest world cup finish in their history. However, despite this achievement after being bundled out in the semifinals losing to the winners France, people started looking for players to blame.

Romelu Lukaku came out to point out that “When we win, they call me Lukaku the Belgian Striker, when we lose I am Lukaku the Belgian Striker of Congolese Descent.

Karim Benzema also pointed out the same thing by stating that “if I score I am French and when I do not I am an arab

Similary Ozil points out how “He is a German when they win but an immigrant when they lose”

Here is an official statement from the player: 



Author : Brian Gachie