7 Things we learnt from Mayweather and 50 Cent Instagram Beef

Instagram is lit with a beef between American rapper 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather. Here are some of the Things we learnt from this exchange:  

1. 50 Cent’s net worth is about $20 million.

2.Floyd Mayweather has a hidden history of domestic abuse

To expound on this a bit, Not sure if this was general knowledge, but Floyd is a certified woman beater. Mayweather was convicted of abusing Melisa Brim, the mother of his oldest daughter, in 2001 and two friends of his other baby’s mother, Josie Harris, in 2003 but those charges were “dismissed per negotiations.” Harris took him to court in 2005 for kicking her and dragged her out his car, then five years later he hit her in front of their children. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail as a result.

3.Floyd Mayweather may have a ghostwriter

Fif’ posted up a hilarious draft of what he alleges was the rough draft for Floyd’s comeback, due to the fact that he’s illiterate. However, with the latest iPhone features, the Champ can speak into a microphone and the words will be typed out for him so 50 could just be trolling

4.Mayweather claims 50 Cent has herpes

Things got REAL ugly when Floyd made the claim that 50 Cent is burning with herpes from his ex, DJ.

5.50 has a New Jersey apartment but is allegedly in debt for Mike Tyson’s former Connecticut mansion, which he sold for $8 million to a developer who plans to turn it into a nursing home.

6.50 is uncertain if he’s the father of his youngest son

We all know about the rocky relationship between 50 and his oldest son, Marquise, who is actually the spitting image of him. But the status of that relationship doesn’t stop him from flaunting his youngest, fair skinned son, who Floyd says Fif’ isn’t even sure is his.

7. Floyd is allegedly responsible for the Earl Hayes’ murder-suicide.

Fif’ went below the belt and opened up a can of worms in his last post. He revealed that Floyd was smashing his friend’s Earl’s wife, Stephanie, and the murder-suicide occurred while Earl was confronting the champ.

Author: Brian Gachie