I don’t often use these sort of words in the same sentence; Beyoncé, Booty, Pics. At least not while blogging. 
But I had to get your attention, which is what every blogger wants.
Pretty smart of me! Right?

But all jokes aside, this is not one of those:  

Generic Make-Money-From-Home Facebook posts that will only land you in the hands of online scammers.
No, I have reviewed numerous tutorials and “Ultimate Guides” for months to come up with a detailed list that will help upcoming bloggers compete with industry influencers.

It’s what I call a “growth hack.” And I can almost guarantee you will Love it.

So, here goes!
Blogging Resources that we use To Learn New Traffic Hacks for the CDM Blog:
1. Follow Syed Balkhi’s Blog to Learn WordPress from over 600,000 Active members

4.Grow your blog by identifying content ideas that work best for your readers.

5. Some say they have better tactics to writing the perfect blog post. But this guy’s stratergy resonates with me the most.

6. Consider joining this online course to get real insights from internet marketers in Kenya 
8. Learn to choose Free Stock Photos for your website the Saitoti way
9. Learn to cash in on other people’s knowledge with this comprehensive guide on content curation. Guaranteed to save you tons of research time.
10. Stop blogging to feed your Ego. “Me Too” Blogging is a huge turn off., especially if you are not the best storyteller.
12. You still don’t believe me? Read this post to get raw data on Video marketing statistics.
13. Driving traffic to your site Via Twitter is easy with this guide.
14. Check out this must read beginner’s guide to link building
15. 10 reasons why influencers never read your Outreach emails. And they are not sorry for it either.
16. Steal these Facebook Tips to increase traffic by 3000 %
18. Social media posts represent unttaped source of content for your blog. Do something.
19. Can I Win a Bugatti with my Online Work? Well, I’m not sure, but it’s a valid dream, after all these Guys won a Ferrari!
20. Get started with local SEO and start selling to your Neighbours
21. The days of Panda might be gone but you blog could be penalized any day. Avoid these 50 mistakes to stay safe of Google’s next update.
22. Revise your strategy to include some of these 130 Sumo Tips to grow blog traffic.
23. Learn 17 purely White strategies to acquire quality backlinks.
24. This post contains 50 Social Media Marketing tips.
25. Are you sure this is really viral. Well, Yes. It’s got 220,000 Visitors and a TV Appearance
26. This case study will get you seriously thinking about Pinterest marketing.
Concluding Remarks
You do not need to learn the technicalities of Search Engine Marketing to attract more traffic to your blog/ website.
On the contrary, understanding your audience and how to promote your blogs is essential. And of course it makes perfect sense.
Remember unless you are well established blogger (or Beyonce), no one knows you even exist.
Yes. I had to say that!
So, don’t simply publish blog posts and wait for readers; start by sharing with your friends and ask them to do the same, then put in some effort to explore some of these resources.

P.S: This list is a work in Progress so let me know if I missed a valuable resource.

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