Juicy Details of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Transfer to Juventus Including Salary Breakdown

  One of the biggest player in world football changed allegiances over the week. Ronaldo who has been the most successful Real Madrid player winning a combined 15 trophies in his 9 year stay. Trophy Breakdown Copa del Rey, 2010-11 La Liga, 2011-12 Supercopa de Espana, 2012 Copa del Rey, 2013-14 Champions League, 2013-14 UEFA […]

Top 10 Outrageous African Laws

Rules and law are put in place for the sole purpose of conflict resolution, harmonious and peaceful co-existence between man and other fellow men, man and animals and who knew, man and inanimate object. However, some are just alien and outlandish. With the intentions unclear and nowhere close to logical, these laws are followed to […]

Top 10 Genius African inventions

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Enough with the usual ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunsets’ we are used to seeing and hearing, but some of these inventions did come from Africa and they have helped shape the world. This article will show you how Africa came up with some of the most amazing inventions. 1. Mathematics […]