If you thought seeping water from your eyes or wanting to shave your pheromone-induced parts was weird, you are in for a rude shock. Ever looked at someone and thought they were just ‘weird’? Truth is every human is. Unexplainable, it may seem, but these mundane behaviors make us, oddly, human.

Look at what makes you weird as we try explaining the mundane things we take for granted.

1. Absent-mindedness

We forget to lock doors and take out trash, but we should not forget our children’s name or why we just walked into a store. Brain farts are common and a trigger as taking paper and pen can cause brain lag. Common culprits include stress, sleep deprivation and just being human.

2. Deceive

Everybody lies. But why?
Blame it on self-esteem maybe. According to Robert Fieldman, a psychologist, humans do so in an attempt to make social situation easier, once they feel their self-esteem is threatened. This eases the blow of trying to avoid punishment or embarrassment.


3. Boredom
Ever find yourself with stuff to do but instead gaze and yawn, and yawn again. Well, a lack of enthusiasm stems from a lack of neurological excitement, which instead has you looking at yawn-inducing objects.


4. Body modification
Remodeling the body does not necessarily make you attractive according to a study published in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery in 2013, though body modification is something that has been for a long time, and presently. This is in a need to look better so as to feel better. And with feeling better, comes happiness. Oh well!


5. Gossip
This is a social verbal glue that links the gossipers and the listeners together. Sharing a common dislike is pretty much the fuel needed to develop such unconstructive bonds.

6. Think about death
Thinking about ours, or the death of a loved one, tends to clash with our biological desire for life. This common and natural occurrence does usually cause anxiety but for others, wisdom and clarity.

7. Indulgence in vices
And this open sewer readily swallows those willing to indulge in self-destructive behavior masked in form of drugs and cholesterol, lack of exercise and atrophy. It might be a genetic predisposition, but not when you are fully aware of the risks involved.



8. Sleep
In this catatonic state, the body recovers and produces chemicals. It is also linked to creativity, memory and learning but understanding why we spend a-third of our life asleep is not clear. Maybe to give us a break from the two-thirds we spend eyes wide.


9. Laugh
Ever had funny feelings and you couldn’t help but yell out uncontrollably? Well this behavioural response is believed to spread positive emotions therefore decreasing stress and increasing social cohesion. We laugh to show that we like people, and that we agree with them, understand them, are part of the same group as them.


10. Pins and needles
Sat cross-legged for too long, then what followed was the tingling sensation of your nerves kicking back to life after having temporarily inhibited their functions? Pins and needles is our brain interpreting this activity as a tingling sensation when pressure is released and results in the gradual relief.


Author:  Megan

CDM Blog