The now Duchess of Sussex has of late hit the popularity charts with enchanting ooh’s and aah’s from followers, foes and friends alike. But just because you think her designer dresses have subtle feminist messages, doesn’t mean you know her.

Here are 10 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Meghan Markle.

  1. She attended an all-girls Catholic school for close to six years when they actually had handwriting classes.

  2. Handwriting classes did pretty much rub on her and she not only has a propensity for cursive but tops up the incredibly neat penmanship with calligraphy. Apparently it was at one time her side hustle and she was asked to do hand-design invitation cards for celebrities.


  1. Believe or not she was at one time the girl behind briefcase 24 in Deal or No Deal having had to stand in uncomfortable five-inch heels because nobody picked her number. This was among the multiple on-camera gigs she worked to make ends meet.
  2. In her blog ‘The Tig’, though brought down, she disclosed having made acquaintances with Serena Williams. Their connecting factors – love for fashion, age mates, a penchant for hot sauce and their endless ambition. She would text her close friend when travelling, would rally around for her tennis matches or just grab lunch with her.

  1. Her love for wine was something inspired her to starting her now defunct blog ‘The Tig’, named after the red wine Tignanello. She used to enjoy more than a glass of red wine but she grew up and so did her palate.
  2. World Vision Canada hosts Markle as their global ambassador. Since 2016 when she became the global ambassador, she has travelled to Rwanda and India to support the campaign for clean water and women’s education. She has also worked with United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women as an advocate.
  3. Seems it was written in the stars but Prince Harry drove about 100 miles just to take her along as a plus-one during his sister-in-law’s wedding reception.
  4. So, with her becoming a royal, she was indeed the most Googled actress in 2016.
  5. She considered going into politics and also secured an internship at the U.S Embassy (Argentina) during her junior years. Picture this; Her Secretary Paul O’Neill was with her, she’s 20 years old in a motorcade in Buenos Aires just doing her thing. Who wouldn’t want to grow old in such a political arena?

  6. She admits to being a total foodie and eve a ablg post dedicated to her favorite dishes. This backs up the weird fact that she travels around with her Vitamix in her backseat. It is one – something she cannot travel without, and two – a blender she uses every day for pesto and shakes.


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