The Social Media Generation

This week Kenya has been abuzz following the ban of plastic bags in the country.

While this has and will continue to have its positive and negative implications, it has created a rather new generation in the country.

A generation that has never used and will hopefully never have to use plastic bags in their lives.

This got me thinking of the number of times new generations have been created in the world as a result of laws and innovations.

Just think about it !Our grandparents boast of a time when using hot forks to straighten one’s hair was the trendy thing to do.

Our parents on the other hand boast of times when you could buy bread and milk with just five Kenyan shillings and still have some balance left.

In their days, if you had a four-figure bank account, you were a force to reckon with! Good old days.

It’s the 21st century, the year 2017. I’m twenty one years old, turning twenty two. This means I was born in the year 1995.

I’m one of the millennial kids.Even so, there are new inventions that have pushed me into a generation that is different from that of the centennials and more so in the virtual world; Social Media.

And even though social media has greatly contributed to making people more anti-social and encouraging them to disconnect and lose touch with the real world, it has great influence on how productive we’ve become.

Here’s some of these inventions and the difference they have created in the world.

1. Skype.

Communication has evolved through the different centuries. At one point it used to be through smoke, drums and messengers. Then came letters, telephones and fax machines.In the current 21st century, one is able to make video calls from the comfort of their phones.

Skype, is a media platform that has maximised on this technology and it has cleared pathways such as business conferencing. This way, you don’t have to take a long flight from one place to another just for a business meeting. You can have one where you are.Even in your living room!

2. Facebook.

I was only nine years old when Facebook was created.I had no idea what people did on Facebook, let alone what it was.

I was as clueless as they come. As I grew a little older, I gathered some knowledge on this ‘Facebook’.

To me, it was an invention in the virtual world that allowed you to make friends and only the cool kids and grownups were on Facebook.I’m a little older than nine years now and have gathered greater knowledge on the benefits of Facebook.

Sure, you meet new people and make friends on it every day. Some have even met their significant other on this platform.However, Facebook can be used for more than that. It can be used as a platform to create, advertise and grow businesses.

All thanks to the existing social network which equates to a great customer base.

3. Twitter.

This is the virtual land of hashtags, trending tweets and retweets.But apart from creating notions and topics that trend, twitter has proved to be the most influential social media platform.

This is greatly do to the fact that one tweet can be retweeted over and over again, creating a ripple effect with the information being passed.

No wonder powerful politicians turn to it as a political platform and wise corporate groups turn to it and the kingpins of twitter to build their businesses.4. Instagram.I bet just like me the second you hear this name, the thought that rushes to your mind is photos.

Photos are the language used on Instagram. And even though its image as a productive social platform is being tarnished everyday through explicit photos, it redeems itself ten times over.

This redemption is greatly credited to the fact that it uses that worth a thousand words; a picture. Thus, it is possible for one to easily talk about a business, promote it and even create a brand.

All through a photo.

5. YouTube

I recently told my mum that it is possible to earn a living though YouTube.

She was dumb-founded!

She still is and so are millions of other people.

But I understand them because just like them, I am in owe of how making and posting videos online can be a paying job and a good one for that matter.

YouTube works on a basis of having a monetized account where you upload videos and money obtained from companies advertising on this platform. One therefore gets their pay-cheque based on the number of subscribers, likes and views on your videos.

6. Whatsapp.

This has to be the youngest social media platform of the ones mentioned above.

Even so, do not underestimate the power it holds. It is influential due to the mere fact that most mobile phones these days come configured with the whatsapp application.

And who doesn’t own a phone in this century?

Thus, information and ideas are passed very fast across far distances to large groups of people.So the next time you are on any of these platforms, instead of just hanging out and catching up with friends or strangers, be creative, be productive.

Use them to your advantage don’t let them use you!    

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